10.03.2021Xavier Marchand

Digital expertise – La Jaune et La Rouge magazine, March 2021

The introduction of digital technologies into the justice system has changed the way justice is administered, as well as the way experts advise judges. Now might be the time to reset the role of the expert and favor a more collegial approach of expert proceedings that involves the judge to a larger extent.

Expert proceedings could not escape the advent of digital technologies which, over the past 30 years, have found their way into all areas of human activity; however, this particular institution has been all the more shaken up by the third industrial revolution since it is still deeply rooted in a tradition that predates the first industrial revolution and relied on tangible, limited evidence whose value could be assessed by the judge. Digital technologies’ bursting onto the scene announces a modernization of expert proceedings and is bound to prompt a broader examination of the social purpose of lawsuits.

Click HERE to read the article by our partner Xavier Marchand, head of our Health and Safety Hazards practice, published in École Polytechnique’s alumni magazine La Jaune et la Rouge in March 2021.