23.03.2021Xavier Marchand

How Covid-19 vaccines changed clinical trials – L’Usine nouvelle magazine, February 16, 2021

The European Commission has unveiled several advance purchase agreements under which anti-Covid vaccine makers excluded liability for any unforeseen side effects. The problem is that their clinical trials, however, did not always include enough elderly participants.

Click HERE to read the article quoting our partner Xavier Marchand, published in l’Usine nouvelle on February 16, 2021.

[…] Yet, Franklin partner Xavier Marchand confirmed that “clinical trials are subject to European Regulations. They must include an adequate representation, in terms of age or sex group, of patients who may use the drug. In principle, the Covid-19 vaccine’s efficacy was tested across the entire study population, including people over 65, in proportions equivalent to their average proportion in the population of Europe“. […]

“Vaccine makers are not liable for any damage caused to the patient”, Xavier Marchand noted. “These contracts actually provide that it is the States that will be liable for any unforeseen side effects of the vaccine“. […]