Health & Safety Hazards

Our team assists project owners, manufacturers, developers, insurers and investment funds.

Our services include project management assistance, risk mitigation and dispute resolution, as well as one-time and serial loss management.

Our services include preventive actions, such as risk modeling and mapping assistance, as well as automatic and comprehensive remedial solutions and crisis management, in collaboration with a network of insurance experts, brokers, CPAs and contractors.



  • Risk prevention
  • Operational risk mapping and modeling
  • Litigation strategy and prospective management of serial loss and mass tort litigation (post-mortem analysis, alternative dispute resolution)

Complex industrial and environmental disasters

  • Managing insurance policies and compensation payments
  • Crisis management
  • Damage (property, equipment, business interruption)
  • Collaborative crisis response, business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Complex health and safety litigation (serial losses, multi-jurisdictional, cross-border issues)

Industrial projects

  • Construction, management and operation of projects, plant and buildings
  • Green industries, pollution, waste management
  • Industrial environment protection