Joël Rault

Senior Advisor

Joël Rault provides Franklin with strategy and business development assistance.

A former special advisor to the government of Mauritius and Mauritius Ambassador to France until 2017, Joël Rault leverages his expertise, network and personality to boost the firm’s international relations strategy.

As a member of Franklin’s Africa Desk, Joël Rault’s work focuses on expanding the firm’s footprint with clients operating or looking to operate in Africa, but also on advising African businesses looking to venture abroad. In this capacity, Joël Rault assists the firm with a number of ambitious private and public projects and PPPs.

In addition to his business development skills, which he leverages to lead the firm’s work on cross-border mandates, Joël Rault brings his expertise and experience in the fields of multisector, multicultural development projects and good governance in international relations.

Joël is the Chairman of consulting firm Hermès Advisory. He also sits as an independent director on the Board of Directors of several international corporations. He is a founding member of the Cercle K2, where he promotes economic and political relations between Europe and Africa, and he is a member of the expert committee (collège scientifique) of the Observatoire Français des Corps Intermédiaires.

  • University of La Réunion : Master in Business Administration
  • University of La Réunion : Master Degree in Business Law with a specialization in international tax
  • University of La Réunion : Master's degree in private law