Franklin: A New Visual Identity Confirming Our Market-Leading Strategy

A market leader in France for nearly two decades, Franklin is ushering in the new year with the launch of its brand-new corporate identity, Performing Together.  Performing Together promotes the firm’s highly-successful strategy of partnering with its clients to add maximum value.  Much of the firm’s new imagery draws its inspiration from the world of jazz. 

Franklin’s new visual identity confirms the firm’s core strengths as a longstanding independent market leader in France.  The firm’s innovative culture, mirrored in its new corporate image, guarantees highly-motivated and flexible legal counsel for clients.  The firm is also known for its lawyers’ outstanding cross-border expertise and for its carefully-selected global network.

“Our new identity sends a strong signal, marking the beginning of a new phase in Franklin’s history.  It confirms our unique core values and underlines our successful expansion strategy as we take our market-leading position in France to a whole new level”, the Partners say jointly.