05.10.2021Numa Rengot

Restructuring week – Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Prevention ever more central in addressing businesses in financial hardship

  • Preventative measures: what are they? How do they help?
    Extension of the “weak signals” program, reinstatement of local counseling committees (“Codefi”), fast-track reorganization, etc.: what new preventative measures has the government introduced to avoid a wave of defaults? How can VSBs and SMEs be persuaded to use them?
    How should insolvency law and administrative practices be changed to further the shift towards preventative measures?

On October 5, our partner Restructuring Numa Rengot, spoke on a panel alongside Guillaume Cadiou, Cédric Colaert, Guillaume Foucault and Romain Grau, during the Restructuring week event organized by Option Finance.


Click here to watch the roundtable.