02.07.2020Anne-Solène Hardouin

Self-consumption in the manufacturing and mass retail industries: progress update – Le Journal du Photovoltaïque magazine

Article quoting Anne-Solène Hardouin published in Le Journal du Photovoltaïque magazine’s April-September issue.

The Energy and Climate Act published in November 2019 requires no less than 30% of the floor area of construction projects over 1,000 sq. m. must be used for revegetation or renewable energy generation. “This requirement applies to various types of buildings such as retail stores, drive-throughs, business and manufacturing premises, warehouses and sheds, with exemptions for certain listed facilities. It applies to building permit applications filed on or after November 9, 2019. Because there is a 3-month review period, permits are only beginning to be issued, so potential investors should now start looking into which system (self-consumption or other) is right for them” Anne-Solène Hardouin explained.