Data protection

We offer a full range of transactional and litigation services relating to data protection and compliance.

We advise and represent clients across a variety of industry sectors, including insurance, banking, food & beverage, healthcare, direct marketing, telecommunications, internet services, sports and entertainment.

We assist clients in developing secure products or services, conducting data protection impact assessments, ensuring GDPR compliance or crafting best practices programs, and we also represent them as they respond to data breaches or other incidents.

GDPR compliance audits

Drafting and reviewing privacy policies, codes of conduct, “GDPR clauses”, cross-border data flows between related or unrelated entities, and GDPR procedures (for subject rights, data breaches, etc.)

Developing up-front strategies for creating customer, HR, supplier or other databases in France or worldwide

Developing up-front strategies for sensitive data processing activities (blacklists, fraud detection and prevention, etc.)

Assistance during compliance inspections, complaint investigations, complaint and enforcement proceedings initiated by the French Data Protection Agency (CNIL), as well as appeals against its decisions