IT & Data protection

We offer a full range of transactional and litigation services relating to data protection and compliance.

Our team handles the full range of IT, e-commerce, cybersecurity and data privacy issues facing business.

Our practice focuses on drafting and negotiating IT contracts, structuring digital and e-commerce projects, and assisting businesses with their digital transformation. We assist clients with their overall privacy compliance efforts as well as with specific issues, including cookies, transfers of data outside of the EU, subject access requests, cybersecurity or privacy breaches. Our team is adept at handling domestic and international projects with IT and data privacy components. We also represent clients in litigation and pre-litigation matters in these areas.

Assistance drafting and negotiating IT contracts (software licenses, software developments, third-party maintenance, SaaS, outsourcing ...)

Structuring digital projects and digital transformation assistance

Gaming, e-commerce and digital advertising expertise (drafting T&Cs, statutory information and privacy policies; compliance with regulations on the use of cookies and other tracking technologies, compliance with the French anti-corruption Act…)

GDPR compliance services, including audits and assistance with overall compliance and specific requirements (cookies, cyberattacks, privacy breaches, subject access requests, cybersecurity, transfers of data outside of the EU, LIA, PIA, Privacy by design, IOT, processing sensitive data…)

Litigation and pre-litigation representation in IT- and Data Privacy-related matters