20.05.2022Emilie Gassier, Fanny Attal, Numa Rengot

Franklin advises Sprint on acquisition of SEBP

The Sprint Group continues its growth trajectory by acquiring and integrating into its production chain the business and assets of its post-press contractor SEBP. Sprint’s bid, which was approved by the Commercial Court in Bobigny on May 11, 2022, allows SEBP to continue as a going concern and saves jobs at its production site in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Founded in 1975, SEBP is a binding and advertising company that performs the finishing operations of the printing process. Struggling mainly from the fallout from Covid-19, SEBP filed for court-supervised reorganization on January 27, 2022, and a call for bids ensued.

Keen to bring production in-house and integrate new skills, the Sprint Group was prompt to express an interest.

This acquisition, Sprint’s 20th since 2011 (5 of which were completed under court supervision), enables SEBP to maintain its workforce and continue to serve its long-standing clients.

Sprint was advised by Franklin partner Numa Rengot, assisted by associates Fanny Attal and Emilie Gassier.

The firm SELARL AJRS (Catherine Poli and Clémence Bellemin) served as court-appointed trustee.

The firm Egide (Alix Brenac) served as court-appointed creditors’ representative.

SEBP was advised by the firm PDT (Pascaline Ducos-Tayon).