07.11.2021Myriam de Gaudusson

The headache of making WFH schedules work – Le Figaro magazine, November 7, 2021

There is no law that prohibits workers from working remotely on specific days of the week and no employer will risk it either, says Myriam de Gaudusson, a partner in Franklin’s Labor and Employment practice. It would be highly unpopular with employees and would make for heated discussions with trade unions.” But she immediately adds that whether certain days are more suitable for remote work than others is a genuine concern, to the point that it is now sparking a substantive debate. “Now that government restrictions are being lifted, says Myriam de Gaudusson, some managers are openly questioning the effectiveness of remote work and pointing out a drop in productivity compared to in-office work.

As yet, no study has shown that remote workers are less engaged on Fridays than on Tuesdays, adds Franklin’s Myriam de Gaudusson. God knows that after two years of this pandemic, we have gained ample perspective on remote work.

There are a thousand ways to monitor productivity, some more clever and legal than others, employers should tread carefully.” Workers should also be careful: those who always choose Mondays and Fridays to work from home are bound to draw attention sooner or later.

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