Press releases
10.11.2020Meggane Saunier, Numa Rengot, Patrick Thiébart, Pierre Dupuys

Franklin advises Communauté de Communes des Villes Sœurs on the acquisition of MLB Savoir-Vivre l’Hedomnia.

Franklin assisted an intercommunal structure, Communauté de Communes des Villes Sœurs (CCVS), with the acquisition of MLB Savoir-Vivre l’Hedomnia, pursuant to a court-ordered asset disposal plan that was part of the company’s supervised reorganization.

CCVS is chaired by Eddie Facque and consists of 28 municipalities pooling resources to fund joint projects and amenities.

Hedomnia is a fitness and wellness facility complete with an indoor swimming pool, gym and spa area, formerly run by mutual insurance company MLB.

This acquisition is part of CCVS’ efforts to promote and preserve public health, through the creation of a Sport, Health & Wellness Center, where it will develop community health improvement programs.

The acquisition of Hedomnia will serve as a lever to improve public health and reduce social and territorial health inequalities, and to develop CCVS’ social welfare policy on three fronts :

  • Reduce cancer and heart disease-related deaths by encouraging people to take up or return to sport, or to exercise more;
  • Support parenting by providing baby swimming and pregnancy swimming classes;
  • Promote healthy ageing by preventing loss of independence and social isolation.

On October 15, 2020, the bid submitted by CCVS was approved by the civil court (Tribunal Judiciaire) of Dieppe.

This case is a rare instance of an intercommunal structure stepping up to acquire a troubled business.


Franklin’s team advising CCVS was composed of:

Court-appointed officials:

  • Nathalie Leboucher (of the firm FHB), trustee,
  • Philippe Leblay, creditors’ representative.