20.05.2021Lionel Lesur

Webinar – M&A in France, Deal Momentum, SPAC and 2021 trends – May 20, 2021

Our partner Lionel Lesur spoke alongside Sylvain Lambert, Annie Maudouit-Ridde, Jérôme Pottier and Nicolas von Bülow at the conference titled “M&A in France, Deal Momentum, SPAC and 2021 trends” organized by Les Echos magazine and chaired by Anne Drif.

After 2020 ended on an encouraging note, the first quarter of 2021 confirmed the upturn in M&A activity. In a still unstable global economy, the end of 2020 saw a marked increase in M&A transactions, which was confirmed in the first few months of 2021. Companies have shown their ability to adapt in an uncertain landscape. The resistance and resilience displayed by capital markets and the private equity sector, supported by massive cash injections by central banks, give hope that transaction volumes will pick up over the coming months. However, many questions remain unanswered.

Will the current economic recovery continue and confirm its upward trend? Which are the most promising sectors? What impact does Covid have on the conduct of business and on deal-making? How should the SPAC phenomenon and its short- and medium-term impact on the market be analyzed? Finally, how do the ESG criteria and the Sapin 2 Act affect M&A transactions? These are among the questions speakers at this webinar will try to address.