18.04.2023Arnaud Pédron, Numa Rengot

Distressed acquisition opportunities – April 2023

Franklin’s Restructuring team has assembled its latest sector-by-sector list of distressed acquisition opportunities.

The targets are companies in insolvency proceedings that are now up for sale and for which tender offers have been made by the court-appointed trustees in charge of finding potential buyers.

Our sector-by-sector updates are designed to help clients quickly identify potential build-up opportunities.

Tender offer periods are very often extended beyond the deadlines specified in the list.

If you are interested in any of these assets, please contact our partners Numa Rengot and Arnaud Pédron who will be happy to provide further information and assist you with your acquisition.

This court-sanctioned sale process offers an opportunity to buy:

  • Fast: in a few weeks
  • Directly or through a NewCo
  • After limited due diligence (i.e., limited to the scope of the acquisition)
  • At lower prices than out-of-court acquisitions: the real cost consists in financing the acquired operation
  • Free and clear of debt, with only a few exceptions (no successor liability – lien and encumbrance free)
  • Without liability for restructuring costs
  • A turnkey, autonomous business unit
  • “Cherry picked” assets (number of employees, tangible and intangible assets, as well as rental, finance lease, distribution, purchase, and service agreements necessary for the continued operation of the business).

service à la personne


Main features:

  • Business: Departmental association for home help and support for people in Corrèze.
  • Location: Brive-la-Gaillarde (Corrèze)
  • Company registration number: 777 927 203
  • 2022 revenues: 9,6 M€
  • Headcount 326 employees
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 02/05/2023
sushi reprise

Production and marketing of Asian cuisine

Main features:

  • Business: Production and marketing of hot (wok) and cold (sushi) Asian cuisine in supermarkets. 13 own operated stands and 32 stands operated through franchisees.
  • 2022 revenues: 6,8 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 05/05/2023


Main features:

  • Business: Installation of advertising displays on RATP buses and metro systems.
  • Location: Vitry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne)
  • Company registration number: 572 151 488
  • Headcount 78 employees
  • 2022 revenues: 5,1 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 05/05/2023

Vidéo Injection Insituform

Main features:

  • Business: Trenchless pipe rehabilitation.
  • Location: Trémuson (Côtes-d’Armor)
  • Company registration number: 341 452 241
  • Headcount 25 employees
  • 2021 revenues: 5,1 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 04/05/2023

Very high precision mechanics

Main features:

  • Business: Manufacture of critical high-precision mechanical sub-assemblies for leading-edge manufacturers.
  • Location: Rhône Valley
  • Headcount 60 employees
  • 2021 revenues: 4,3 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 12/05/2023

Tuncay SAS

Principales caractéristiques :

  • Business: Building: structural work (25%) and subcontracted plastering for individual house builders and individuals (75%).
  • Location: Moulle (Pas-de-Calais)
  • Company registration number: 514 402 304
  • Headcount 28 employees
  • 2021 revenues: 2,3 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 04/05/2023

service à la personne

Home help

Main features:

  • Business: Home help activity in the Moselle and Meurthe-et-Moselle departments.
  • Location: Moselle et Meurthe-et-Moselle
  • Headcount 106 employees
  • 2022 revenues: 2,2 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 22/05/2023

IT services

Main features:

  • Business: IT services.
  • Headcount 17 employees
  • 2022 revenues: 1,6 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 21/04/2023

Digital health company specialising in sleep medicine

Main features:

  • Business: Digital health company specialising in sleep medicine.
  • Headcount 46 employees
  • 2021 revenues: 1,4 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 28/04/2023


Main features:

  • Business: Company specialising in roofing, carpentry and joinery with a strong focus on the passive house and timber frame sectors.
  • Location: Valognes (Manche)
  • Company registration number: 498 915 941
  • Headcount 24 employees
  • 2022 revenues: 1,4 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 10/05/2023


Main features:

  • Business: Development of a software (Paas – Platform-as-a-Service) allowing to host websites in the Cloud and to manage them in an optimised way, via a unique collaborative web interface.
  • Location: Paris (Ile-de-France)
  • Company registration number: 803 110 410
  • Headcount 8 employees
  • 2021 revenues: 1,2 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 15/05/2023