23.03.2022Arnaud Pédron, Numa Rengot

Distressed acquisition opportunities – March 2022

Franklin’s Restructuring team has assembled its latest sector-by-sector list of distressed acquisition opportunities.

The targets are companies in insolvency proceedings that are now up for sale and for which tender offers have been made by the court-appointed trustees in charge of finding potential buyers.

Our sector-by-sector updates are designed to help clients quickly identify potential build-up opportunities.

Tender offer periods are very often extended beyond the deadlines specified in the list.

If you are interested in any of these assets, please contact our partners Numa Rengot and Arnaud Pédron who will be happy to provide further information and assist you with your acquisition.

This court-sanctioned sale process offers an opportunity to buy:
  • Fast: in a few weeks
  • Directly or through a NewCo
  • After limited due diligence (i.e., limited to the scope of the acquisition)
  • At lower prices than out-of-court acquisitions: the real cost consists in financing the acquired operation
  • Free and clear of debt, with only a few exceptions (no successor liability – lien and encumbrance free)
  • Without liability for restructuring costs
  • A turnkey, autonomous business unit
  • “Cherry picked” assets (number of employees, tangible and intangible assets, as well as rental, finance lease, distribution, purchase, and service agreements necessary for the continued operation of the business).

Phyto Services

Main features:

  • Business: Provision of all phytopharmaceutical ranges and bio controls, agronomic, agro biological and agro environmental analysis on request, provision of professional products for irrigation and various materials, provision of a range of animal feed and hygiene of premises, grain brokerage on request, assistance in setting up the viticulture cycle, distribution of a wide range of spare parts, all brands or adaptable, agricultural software for optimizing farm management, expertise service for adjusting sprayers and managing phytosanitary effluents, decision support tools, agronomic remote sensing by drone.
  • Company registration number: 316 404 011
  • Location: Maves (Loir-et-Cher)
  • Headcount 57 employees
  • 2019 revenues: 41,3 M€ – 2020 revenues: 41,5 M€ – 2021 revenues (estimate): 37,66 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 01/06/2022

Les Mercuriales

Main features:

  • Business: Real estate complex consisting of two twin buildings 122 meters high and with a surface area of 80,000 m² and an underground parking lot with 1,202 spaces.
  • Location: Bagnolet (Seine-Saint-Denis)
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 08/04/2022

Chelles Automobiles

Main features:

  • Business: OPEL car dealer.
  • Location: Chelles (Seine-et-Marne)
  • Company registration number: 775 702 723
  • Headcount 20 employees
  • 2021 revenues: 9,3 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 08/04/2022

Hosting and cloud services

Main features:

  • Business: Hosting and cloud services (laaS, file storage and sharing, CDN…).
  • Location: La Ciotat (Bouches-du-Rhône)
  • Headcount 14 employees
  • 2019 revenues: 5,47 M€ – 2020 revenues: 5,28 M€ – 2021 revenues(estimate): 4,8M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 28/03/2022

Cooking and end of line equipment for the food industry

Main features:

  • Business: Design, manufacture, service and maintenance of cooking and end-of-line equipment (case packer and palletizer) for the food industry, owner of the production site.
  • Location: Ruaudin (Sarthe)
  • Headcount 23 employees
  • 2020 revenues: 2,6 M€ – 2021 (11 months) revenues: 3,54 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 11/04/2022
service à la personne

Home care

Main features:

  • Business: Services allowing patients to remain at home after hospitalization.
  • Location: Alsace
  • Headcount 29 employees
  • 2019 revenues: 1,78 M€ – 2020 revenues: 2,53 M€ – 2021 revenues: 3,13 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids : 08/04/202


Main features:

  • Business: Editor of an all-in-one solution for creating a marketplace in SAAS mode.
  • Location: Lyon (Rhône)
  • Company registration number: 752 360 180
  • Headcount 53 employees
  • 2018 revenues: 1,5 M€ – 2019 revenues: 2,3 M€ – 2020 revenues: 2,7 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 20/04/2022

Buy and sell smartphones and electronic items online

Main features:

  • Business: Buy and sell smartphones and electronic items online.
  • Location: Bastia (Corse)
  • Headcount 19 employees
  • 2021 revenues: 2 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 21/03/2022

Couvoir de Haute Chalosse

Main features:

  • Business: Specific feeding of mulard ducklings.
  • Location: Hinx (Landes)
  • Headcount 28 employees
  • 2020 revenues: 2,1 M€ – 2021 revenues (estimate) : 1,2 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 27/04/2022

Institut Supérieur d’Ostéopathie Paris

Main features:

  • Business: Private higher education in osteopathy.
  • Location: Lognes (Seine-et-Marne)
  • Headcount 59 employees
  • Company registration number: 443 556 360
  • 2021 revenues: 1,45 M€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 08/04/2022

Digital solutions provider

Main features:

  • Business: Publisher of digital solutions for people with disabilities.
  • Location: Lille Metropole (14 locations)
  • Headcount 14 employees
  • 2021 revenues: 212 K€
  • Deadline for submitting bids: 08/04/2022